3 Tips for Using Lettering in Your Home

Are you trying to imagine where a Lettering Laine print might fit into your home?  Well, let’s take a quick tour of my home & see where I’ve incorporated a few of my designs into our home decor. Along the way, I’ll give you 3 tips for incorporating some hand-lettered pieces into your home!


First off, let’s talk about frames. My favorite place to find unique ones is HomeGoods. Here’s one I found there that I used for the classic J.M. Barrie quote that makes every boy mom a little teary!  If you know a lady who’s expecting a baby boy, this print would make a perfect gift.

little boys should never be sent to bed for they always wake up a day older print on wall

Michaels often has a great selection of classic colors and shapes. I found this simple blue frame there & used some fabric scraps to add a border to this piece I made after we found out we were having another boy.

best friends are we my brother and me print on wall

No Frame

My next bit of advice is that you don’t need a frame (or a whole one) to hang your print. For instance, I kept this frame even after the glass broke because I knew it could be used again.  And here it is, getting a new life holding my Pretty Mighty print.

pretty mighty print on wall

Also in my daughter’s room, is this one I did when I was just starting to letter!  I’d love to redo this piece & add it to my shop.  It’s from such a cute little folk song.  But, I had this wooden hanger & thought it made a unique way to hang the piece I’d made for her room.

little sack of sugar I could eat you up print on wall

Mix & Match

Lastly, let’s mix & match! You know those gallery walls that have been all over Pinterest & home decor shows for years? Adding one or 2 of my lettered pieces can really help accentuate you family photographs. Over our couch we have some pictures of our cute kiddos at the age of 1.  We plan to have one more, but in the meantime, I added this Audrey Hepburn quote that I especially love. I like that it breaks up but also complements the pictures of my sweet kids.

the best thing to hold onto in life is eachother quote on wall

You can also mix a print into a shelf of other decor items. I have this print on the top shelf above our coffee maker. I like that it’s layered with momentos from our relationship like our hand-painted wedding cake toppers & a print that we bought while on our honeymoon.  (And if you like this print, it’s also available on coffee mugs through my Zazzle shop! I get a small referral bonus if you use this link to shop. Thanks!) 

i love you more than coffee but not always before coffee

To sum it all up, my top 3 tips for adding lettering into your home are —

  1. Shop for unique frames at local boutiques, HomeGoods, or even at the thrift store.  And don’t be intimidated if there’s already a piece of art in the frame.  That can easily be changed if you love the frame.
  2. But don’t be afraid to think outside the frame.  You can see that in my daughter’s room, I used less conventional hanging methods to mix up all the frames she has on her walls.
  3. Mix & match.  You probably don’t want a whole wall of typography, but one or 2 thoughtfully chosen pieces can really accent the beautiful photographs you have displayed or other vignettes you have around your home.

So, lest you think that I’m selling a product that I don’t personally love & use in my own home, here’s proof that I do indeed love & live with my own pieces everyday. I hope this post inspires you to find a little spot for a hand-lettered piece in your own home!

Cheering you on!


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