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I started writing these posts to grow in my own knowledge about what God's Word has to say about all kinds of topics. I want to be one of those ladies that can recall a Scripture for every need, every situation. I wanted to know the Bible well enough to combat temptation & uplift friends.

Then, I thought, "Hey! I can blog about these & hopefully help equip other ladies in the same way!"

So, here we are! A whole series that points our hearts & minds to the Bible for a variety of topics. I am not planning on wrapping this up any time soon. I'm sure there are a wealth of subjects that I haven't even thought of yet!

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Here are the posts we have so far!

Bible Verses about Trusting God

Bible Verses about Hope

Bible Verses about God's Steadfast Love

Bible Verses about Peace

Bible Verses about Forgiveness

Bible Verses about Strength

Bible Verses about Fear

Bible Verses about Joy

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I know some of these posts are LONG, but I hope these are posts you can revisit in times of need.

Feel free to comment with a topic that's on your mind or that you'd love to learn more about.

Cheering you on!


Want to get started on your own Bible study? I wrote a post recently about some of the basic tools you should have on hand. Check it out!

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