Christmas Shopping for the Kids

Christmas is just weeks away! I don't know about you, but I have not bought a single present this year. So, I am shopping right alongside you today. And I'm excited to share some of the shops I've found through the years.

Every year, I struggle between wanting to get my kids the coolest toys & wanting to give them gifts that will actually last & hold their value. With 4 kids, our house is overrun with toys - many of which they don't even play with on a daily basis. I've also been on a kick of minimizing the amount of stuff we own. So, I'm trying to think of gifts that I can give them that are less materialistic, more meaningful. Less commercial, more creative.

These shops are faith-based, small businesses. We know how hard small businesses have been hit this year, so let's do what we can to help them out!

So, let's shop!

(I am not affiliated with or getting any commission from these recommendations. I just wanted to pass along some shops that are selling great things that I will probably be purchasing for my kids this year!)


Tiny Theologians

You might have heard of Tiny Theologians. They are a great shop full of resources to help you teach your child about our faith.

A few of my favorites are:

  • These beautiful alphabet card sets cover various topics including the names of God, attributes of God, and even big theological concepts (like A is for Atonement).
  • I'm thinking about getting these cards that teach about church history. I might be showing my nerd side again, but I actually enjoy learning about these heroes that went before us. I feel like this was a part of my education that got skimmed over, so I'm learning along with my kids whenever these people come up.
  • They also have an Advent card set that goes through the genealogy of Christ.
  • And don't miss the tees & tote!

If you want to learn more, following them on Instagram is a great way to get more familiar with this company.

Little Seeds Company

This Etsy shop is filled with the cutest little sensory, play dough kits. They come with everything you need to teach a Bible story or concept to your little one through play. And we've all heard over & over how children learn so well through playing! I just love this idea & am thinking of getting one of these for my 3-year-old, but I'm sure everyone will want to join in. Bonus that this shop was started & is run by a Mom like many of us.

Here are the ones I'm trying to decide between:

  • Nativity Kit : The little wooden dolls & miniature palm trees are just precious.
  • Queen Esther: This has always been one of my favorite stories, and I'm sure my five-year-old daughter would enjoy this kit.
  • Creation: This kit is so colorful! I'm thinking that this will definitely be a hit with all 4 of my kids!

Again, you can follow Little Seeds on Instagram to stay up-to-date on her new products.

His Kids Company

This shop has those washable placemats that are so fun to have around for little ones. They also have a few tees, too!

What I'm looking at for my kids:

  • Nativity Coloring Mat - Give the kids a reason to linger over that Christmas dinner you spend all day making (all the time knowing that they're only going to eat the rolls).
  • "Be Brave" t-shirt - I think this will be great present for my oldest son.

Here's their Instagram if you want to know more about them:

Crew + Co

This company has some of the most beautifully-designed items around! They have Advent resources, Scripture memory cards, stickers, magnets, & so much more. I might have a hard time narrowing down which of these is my favorite, but I'll try.

Crew + Co. has a great Instagram presence - full of Biblical encouragement.

A few other recommendations...

  • Theolaby - If you know Jennie Allen &/or If: Gathering, you know she’s launched a children’s book series. It’s an investment, but I have a good feeling that it’s worth it!
  • Rendco Kids - This fun-loving kids line from the band Rend Collective has tees, hats, & books. Check them out!
  • The Good Book Company - Lots of good ones here, including the "Tales the Tell the Truth" series. I'd encourage you to skip Amazon & go straight to these smaller Christian book sellers. This shop in particular has some really great ones.
  • Catecheis Books - These beautifully-illustrated board books teach big truths to little hearts.
  • Kids Read Truth - The kids side of She Reads Truth has all kinds of great discipling tools for your family.


I hope you found some good ideas today for the little ones you'll be buying for this year - nieces & nephews, kids & grandkids!

Make sure you pin this post for ideas for future holidays & birthdays. And follow me on Pinterest for more ideas that I find over the next few weeks!

Here's the board I've created for Christmas gift ideas:

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