The Best Father's Day Gift Ideas for 2020

Father's Day is quickly approaching, and I know I'm always hoping to find fun, meaningful gifts for my husband, Tyler (on behalf of our kids, of course). So, while I'm shopping for him, I'll share a few of the best ideas I run across.

{Side note - These are not affiliate links. I get no commission for recommending these items. Just trying to help you out!}

So, without further ado, here's your Father's Day 2020 gift guide! (Insert fireworks here.)

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The Sentimental, Personalized Gifts

Tyler is probably the more sentimental one of the 2 of us, so I know he'd appreciate something that tugs at his heart strings. However, he probably has enough homemade handprint & picture gifts for now - ha! If you're looking for the heartfelt Father's Day gifts, here are a few that I thought were pretty sweet without being sappy.

Create Your Own View Finder Reel: Did you have one of these toys as a kid? Here's a fun, nostalgic spin on it (sorry about that Dad joke!). Just go through their system of inputting the photos & any captions. They produce the reel & include a viewfinder for $29.95 plus shipping. Various upgrades are available, too!

Personalized Penny Keychain: Perfect for the brand new Dad, a sweet little hand-stamped keychain to mark the year that made them a dad. Also, will serve as a helpful reminder of how old their oldest kid is! (Hey - maybe I need this one...) And it's just under $11!

Personalized Vinyl Record: If you're shopping for a music lover, here's a good one! You can have the lyrics of a song that's special to him as a Father written out on a record. It also includes a personalized label & is framed beautifully. Any songs that your husband & kid like to play air guitar to? A lullaby he sings to your little ones? A special album that reminds him of his own Dad? (Price ranges from around $40-50 depending on the options you choose.)

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Funny (& Sweet) Fandom Gifts

2020 has been the year of introducing our oldest to some of the great franchises in pop culture: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Super Hero movies (particularly Marvel). Are you shopping for a super fan of one of these franchises? Let's take a peek at some great options.

"Speak Friend and Enter" Sign: Here's a fun little welcome sign for the Tolkien fans. And it's handmade! This shop has a few "scratch & dent" options that might be good for those on a tighter budget this year. Prices for those start at $15.95.

Star Wars T-Shirt: A little Star Wars humor for those who understand such things. I do not, but I know I am firmly in the minority on that. This online shop has so many great choices, including non-Star Wars designs - go take a look!

I Love You 3000 Keychain: Inspired by the sweetest little exchange between Tony Stark & his daughter, this little keychain is just too adorable! Seeing as we have one daughter, I can see this being a perfect gift from her to her Daddy.

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Computer & Programming Gifts

Yeah, I don't understand a lot of this humor, but I'm sure it's hilarious! Maybe I'll have to ask Tyler what they all mean...

Circuit Board Picture Frame: Practical & a little bit geeky. Add a picture of the kids & it's the perfect gift for the dad who's a computer nerd.

Programmer T-Shirt: I'm pretty I've heard Tyler say something very similar to this before. A new error = progress!

Personalized Leather Laptop Sleeve: For something a little nicer, how about a protective case for his laptop? Here's a really beautiful handmade option that you can personalize.

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Sports Fan Gifts

My husband is a huge sports fan. Like he's been watching the reruns of the old Super Bowls while everything's shut down. Lucky for him, he was born in New England & thus he is watching mostly good memories from his favorite team. Well, if you're shopping for a guy who's a sports fan like Tyler, here are some fun ideas.

"I Miss Sports" T-Shirt: The heart's cry of so many during this pandemic. By Father's Day, some sports will be gradually opening back up, but it's still a funny little shirt to remember this time in our lives.

Handmade Wooden Baseball Coasters: Sold in sets of 2 or 4, these are great for Dad's desk or (if he's so lucky) his man cave. This shop also has a basketball option if that's more his game.

Sunday Funday Football Socks: OK - so most Dads probably don't want another pair of socks, but these socks are special. John's Crazy Socks is a company founded by a father-son team. They are on a mission to bring a smile to your face. They have so many fun options & they give back to organizations like the Special Olympics. Can't beat that!

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For Dad's Spiritual Encouragement

Dads are called to follow the example of Jesus as they lead in their families. Those are some big footsteps to walk in! As we say a prayer for our husbands & fathers as they bear such an incredible responsibility, let's also take a look at some great tools that can build them up & cheer them on their way.

3 stacked books

Dad Tired & Loving It by Jerrad Lopes: The Dad Tired Podcast has been an encouragement to my husband & this book has as well. Lots of practical truths from a guy who's in the trenches of fatherhood. Definitely a helpful gift.

Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God's Work by Timothy Keller: I bought this for Tyler because the subject matter sounded so important - how does the work we do fit into the work God's doing? Plus, Tim Keller is a tremendous writer & speaker. Anything by him is bound to be a blessing to your spiritual walk.

Foundations: 12 Biblical Truths to Shape a Family: I've been following Ruth Chou Simons for a while now because of her beautiful artwork & encouraging words, so I preordered this book ASAP. She & her husband wrote this book as a tool for Christian families to use as they disciple their families. The Simonses have 6 boys - college-aged down to elementary - so they know a thing or 2 about parenting!

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There you have it - a mixture of various interests & levels of sentimentality. I hope you found some gems for the Dads you might be shopping for this year. Or maybe at least something sparked a good idea for you! If you're still stumped, I have quite a few other ideas on my Pinterest board that I didn't get a chance to highlight here. There are also a few fun little project ideas for the kids. Click below to find it. And don't forget to follow me on Pinterest for more ideas!

Happy shopping!


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