Free Reading Logs for 2023

Just a quick post to gather a few of the FREE reading logs I've found in my research. I'm particularly looking for visual reading logs. Hope you find one you like!


Everyday Reading

You can track up to 100 books & you can also use the border to track your daily reading. Just fill in a bubble a day.

Here are a few other designs from past years that are undated for use any time.

Read Aloud Revival

Sarah has a very simple idea - print out a year-at-a-glance calendar & mark the days you read. She intends it to be used for time spent reading aloud to your kids, but I think it would be helpful to build a habit of reading daily on your own, too.

Little House Learning Co.

This challenge is for a book a week. That's a very doable goal, right?

Beyond the Bookends

This challenge looks like it has all kinds of options to customize to fit your reading journey & your season of life!

Teacher Pay Teachers

TPT is a great resource & there are also some really great options that are just a few bucks, too. This one separates by genre to encourage us to read more widely!


Let me know if you find another one you really like that you think should be shared here!

Happy reading!


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