Halloween at Home

Back in the spring, when I wrote about celebrating Easter at home, I never would've imagined that I'd be exploring ideas for Halloween at home, too! Of course, if you ask the experts, they'll tell you that this was always going to be in the future. But we were too busy panicking over toilet paper to listen.

Anyways, I know Halloween is not for everyone. Some people have a very tender conscience where this day is concerned. I grew up not celebrating it much, so I definitely understand those who choose not to celebrate. But as we've started our own family, my husband & I have chosen to let our kids dress up & get candy for us - umm, them. I mean they keep their own candy, OF COURSE!

This year, we're definitely aware of the need to tone down the trick-or-treating. We're staying close to home, using costume pieces that we have around the house, or making costumes. We're taking part in the small little events that our neighborhood is planning. And we're throwing our own not-so-spooky Halloween party with just our family.

I'm sharing a few of our ideas today!

Halloween Costumes

In the past, I've had so much fun dressing up my kids. I feel like I peaked last year with their Wizard of Oz costumes. I know I'm biased, but look how cute!

This year, I had no inspiration & definitely wasn't looking to pay a ton of money to dress them up when we would be staying home for the most part. So, we are all gathering odds & ends from around the house to use for their costumes this year.

I'm sure next year, we'll be thinking bigger again. But, for now, it's been nice to get creative. I'll make sure I share what they come up with on Instagram.

Halloween Decorations

I have never really decorated for Halloween. I have seasonal fall decor, but I've never gone for the spooky Halloween stuff. This year, I'm trying to make things a little more festive, so I've got a few things I'm planning to use. And most of them are free!

First, I printed off a few free things from the New York Public Library's digital collections. They have all kinds of copyright-free images that make for fun decor. I printed out some skeletons to put up around the house. You should totally book mark this page because it is a great resource. I use it for homeschooling, home decor, party decor. Lots of great ways to use it.

I'm also cutting out some little bats to copy this look...

And, of course, I hit up the Dollar Tree to get a few other little party things. Here's hoping it's festive enough to make up for the lack of trick-or-treating!

Halloween Activities

My sister-in-law has a scavenger hunt that she's planning to set up for the kids.

I've been working on a Spotify playlist that has a few of the silly songs form the kids' favorite shows, movie soundtracks (Harry Potter, etc.), Classical music (lots of organ music & choirs singing "Dies Irae"), & the classics like "Monster Mash."

We might carve pumpkins if we have a chance, but that is always hit-or-miss with our kids!

Halloween Food

I'm not all about the gross-out food that you see floating around Pinterest. But I do have plans to make a few little fun treats for the kids.

These little graveyards are definitely happening...

Also, some spider web brownies -

Maybe I'll throw in something moderately healthy, too. Maybe...

For other ideas that I've been gathering, make sure you follow me over on Pinterest!

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