Hand-Lettered Prints for the Beach Lover

I was born & raised in Charleston, SC. Going to the beach was a regular occurrence in our family because my Mom loves it there. I wasn't as big of a fan, but she just packed plenty of Cool Ranch Doritos, & I would sit contentedly for at least a couple of hours.

Even though I don't LOVE the beach like some people, I still find myself adding coastal-inspired accents to my home. A vase of sea glass here. A piece of driftwood there. I think it's in my blood somewhere--that love of the sea & the sand & the saltiness. Definitely the SUNSHINE!

I have so many beach-inspired prints in my shop & that's what I'm featuring today! So, if you're shopping for a beach lover or someone who is lucky enough to own a home on the coast, this is the post for you.

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This is one of the first prints I ever made & it's a sweet little one. It's a great addition to a coastal-style home.

As the ocean is never full of water, so the heart is never full of love Print

I love the font on this print - it's got some really fun boho vibes along with the beach vibes.

Beach Vibes print

Song lyrics like these are so much fun to letter because they're playful & descriptive. It makes it easy to design a piece!


This quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson (who we just so happened to name one of our kids after) is a beautiful one for new beginnings. It also works perfectly in a home by the sea. And SUNSHINE!

Emerson quotation art print

This is another great one for when someone is starting out on a new adventure. It would also be a perfect accent to a beach-inspired kids room!

May your dreams be as big as the ocean hand lettered print

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There may be a few other prints here & there in my shop. Make sure you go check back in case I get some more beach-y inspiration!

I also have a few of these designs on my Zazzle shop - beach bags, tumblers, & tees! (affiliate link)

Happy Shopping!


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