Learning Something New: YouTube Channels for Creativity

Being stuck inside for a month (at least) has me itching to make good use of my time & learn something new & creative.  I’ve been watching little tutorials & going through some free little courses to help improve my lettering, increase my business smarts, & learning about all those confusing Instagram algorithms. 

Being creative is a great way to relax and release stress.  Especially when you’re dealing with these extraordinary circumstances, it’s good to have a artistic outlet.  Even if all you have is a pencil & printer paper, you can create something today!

Are you feeling the same urge to learn something new & also relieve some anxiety?  Something maybe like HAND LETTERING (wink) or another artistic talent?  Well, if you are, it can seem overwhelming to find the best place to start.  So, here’s a short round-up of some fantastic, creative channels that I’ve found on YouTube for you to check out!


The Happy Ever Crafter

Becca Courtice is the Happy Ever Crafter & she is an amazingly talented artist.  But she’s also so generous in sharing her fun tutorials with everyone.  She frequently interviews other artists who also give great advice on business & art.  There are also some freebies included with some of the videos!

Janna Rainey

If you’re interested in learning watercolor, take a look at Jenna’s channel!  These videos are instructional & beautiful.  She also has some videos & a podcast about starting & running a creative business.

Let’s Make Art

Watercolors, brush lettering, art journaling – this channel has so much to offer!  If you’re at all curious about a certain type of creative endeavor, chances are they have a video about it!  If you click over to their website, they also offer a shop & subscription boxes.  (Great gift ideas!)

Amanda Rach Lee

With 1.8 million subscribers, Amanda is clearly producing quality content.  She has lots of creative ideas for bullet journaling & lettering.  She even has a few travel videos that might be fun during this isolating time.

Stefan Kunz

Stefan is probably one of the first lettering artists I found when I first started learning about hand lettering.  He does a great job of encouraging people to try lettering.  He does livestreams & other tutorials.  Lots of really great information on his channel!

Emma Lefebvre

Here's a new one I found when I was trying to get back into watercolor. She's got a lot of helpful tips & tricks. Very easy to follow along & plenty of variety.


I think that’s enough to get you started!  This is not an exhaustive list by any means – there are so many artists who have channels full of great content for those of us who love to learn new things.  But, I hope you find something here that’s useful during these long weeks of social distancing.

How about you?  What are you learning right now that is helping your isolation feel less isolating?  Do you find being creative helpful right now?

Cheering you on!


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