Mother’s Day: Shop Small for Mom

I know, I know – we just got done with Easter!  How can it possibly be time to start talking about Mother’s Day?!  Well, I have 2 very good reasons to start this Mother’s Day conversation right now.

First of all, Mother’s Day is May 10 & that is less than a month away!

Secondly, I’m highlighting small businesses & handmade businesses.  These businesses don’t ship at lightning speed & some might be shipping internationally.  Added to that, the handmade aspect means that some of these items will be made to order!  All very good reasons to give these small & handmade business owners the time they need to get your gift to your Mother on time.

Speaking of small businesses, we all know that they are getting hit pretty hard during this pandemic.  Some won’t make it through this & will have to close their doors for good.  As we shop for our moms, instead of shopping the big box stores this year, let’s try to shop small, shop handmade, shop local, shop fair-trade – or some combination of those!

(I am not an affiliate or getting commission from these shops.  These are just things that caught my eye as I was researching small, handmade, fair trade businesses that I wanted to pass along to you!)

ETSY: A Great Starting Point

Now, an easy way to do this is just hop over to Etsy & start shopping.  But, that can feel so overwhelming because there are so many listings & shops!  Here are a few items from Etsy that are catching my eye these days:

Essential Oil Burner from Illyria Pottery

I’ve been following Illyria Pottery for a long time.  The raku & horsehair pottery, the tree bowls, the mugs – it’s all just so lovely!  Katie is based in Oxford, UK, so make sure you allow for the shipping time on these beautiful pieces of handmade pottery.

Air Plant Cradle from Mud Puppy

Here’s a simple little wall hanging to hold an air plant.  I’m not a green thumb, but air plants look like something I might be able to handle.  If your mom is a plant lady, I’m sure she’d love something like this.  Lots of other fun & unique pieces in this shop, so take a look!

Hand-Stamped Mother’s Necklace from Drake Designs Jewelry

I already have a necklace with my kids’ birthstones, but if I didn’t I’d be asking for one of these!  The fonts are customizable to fit your style.

Beyond ETSY

There are countless of other shops who sell handmade, fair trade goods. The artisans behind these products use their talents to support their families. Instead of buying mass-produced, dime-a-dozen items from a large chain, let’s take a look at a couple shops dedicated to featuring the unique work of artisans.

Will & Atlas

From totes to aprons, this shop has such simple, neutral pieces that go with almost any style. So many beautiful handwoven textiles for your home!


Artisans from around the world can showcase their items here.  Pottery, jewelry, scarves, housewares – a huge selection of gifts for Mom!

Know Indo

Indonesian artisans making clutches & candles & more!  I particularly have my eye on this clutch!

A Couple More

Last, but definitely not least, these are a couple of my personal favorite items that would make really perfect gifts for Mother’s Day this year!

Palm and Clay

Kelsey & I grew up in the same church back home in Charleston, SC. Now, she makes the most beautiful earrings by hand. Her creativity is just amazing. Check out her Instagram for her most recent work.  Seriously – go check her out!

Risen Motherhood book

Written by 2 sisters-in-law, this book is an encouraging look at where the Gospel meets us everyday, in every moment.  It’s a book that I think every Mama should have! The whole ministry of Risen Motherhood is a wonderful resource.

Go Local

Keeping our local economies going is also important. So many small, local shops are closing up permanently. Let’s see how we can work together to support them as we shop for our Moms!

  • Order a bouquet from a local flower shop instead of sending flowers through a big company. Just do a Google search for shops local to your mom. If they don’t have a website, give them a call!
  • Buy a sweet treat from a local bakery. I know a couple bakeries that are local to me have closed down, but a few are offering select times to order & pick up orders. If you don’t live local to your mom, see if any bakeries deliver near her!
  • Purchase a gift certificate to a local spa that will open again soon. Again, don’t go with a big chain, but also find a place that has services that your Mom would enjoy most. And find place that definitely has plans to re-open. This might take a little investigating, but I know these independent spa owners & their staff would appreciate the promise of some business!
  • A gift certificate to her favorite local restaurant is another great option. She doesn’t have to cook & that restaurant staff is able to stay employed. Win-win!

Shameless Plugs

I always have a variety of prints in my shop. Or I also have a Zazzle shop (this is an affiliate link that earns me extra commission on my own items) that has some fun items with my lettering.

I’ll stop there, but if you want any other ideas, I’ve been pinning stuff on this board! Follow me on Pinterest to keep up with my other finds.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas for how to shop small, handmade, fair trade, or local for Mom this year. Take a little extra time & find an extra special gift for Mom! It will make her day & might just encourage a business owner to keep going during this tough time.

Happy shopping!

Cheering you on!


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