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If you've scrolled through this blog, you've seen quite a few posts about reading & books. I'm far from the reader that I'd like to be, but I do love books--reading them, collecting them, picking them out for my family, writing about reading them. You get the idea.

My family knows this about me & I've received some great bookish gifts over the years. I've included a few of those here as well as some that I've found that I thought other book lovers might enjoy. I hope you find something just right for the bookworm in your life!

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Books for Book Lovers

If you're buying a gift for a bookish friend, it's never a bad idea to consider (pause for effect...) BOOKS! I know my personal Amazon wishlist is mostly books, and I really enjoy when someone buys me a book that I've been wanting or that they think I'd like.

If you're not sure where to start here are a few ideas...

Buy a Reading Journal

I found this really beautiful journal over at The Daily Grace Co. But I'm sure there are many others that would be a wonderful gift for that person who reads so much that they should probably keep track of everything.

Buy Special Edition Hardcover Books

Publishers are realizing that people love to post pretty books on their social media, but the covers of most books aren't insta-worthy. SO, they're starting to release these more artisic, hardcover editions of classic books. I've seen so many truly stunning Jane Austen editions recently. These would make great gifts. Because can you ever have enough copies of your favorite book?!

Buy Vintage Books

Do you know what bookworms love more than a sparkly, new edition of their favorite book? A lovely, vintage edition of their favorite book! There are a couple ways to do this. First, you can go to a local used book shop. If you call ahead, you might be able to find out if they have what you're looking for. And it's always nice to shop at locally-owned businesses. The second option is to search online. I have found nice vintage editions on Abebooks.com or some people have luck on bookfinder.com or on eBay. I also use Thriftbooks, but it's harder to determine the specific edition you'll get from them sometimes.

Buy Books about Books

Yes, you read that correctly. Reading books about books is a thing that people do because writing books about books is a thing people also do. Here are a few that I've enjoyed over the years & some that are on my TBR list:

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Apparel Gifts for Book Lovers

Piper & Ivy

A variety of lovely t-shirt designs for readers. And they also offer various seasonal & plant-lover designs!


Funny literary jokes on tees. I definitely giggled at a few of these...

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More Gifts for Book Lovers

Sweet Sequels

This little shop has so many creative, bookish gifts. There are special editions of classic novels, book pillows, tees, art prints, & lots of other goodies that are released throughout the year. And look at these cute stuffed animals with book pockets! For me, an extra bonus is that the artist behind all of the work is a fellow believer.

Elizabeth Wade

Beautifully-detailed watercolor maps of the settings of some of the most beloved stories of all time. From the 100-Acre Wood to Camp Half Blood, this shop is sure to have a gift that's perfect for your favorite bookworm. She also has book stack prints & tea towels, too.

Drinklings Coffee & Mugs

I just happened across this little business. They've got a whole collection of literary mugs, including T.S. Eliot who "measured out his life with coffee spoons."

Carrot Top Paper Shop

This shop has been around for quite a while & she has some of the sweetest items! Portraits of classic literary heroines, mugs, banners, postcards-- all sorts of fun stuff!

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Pippi Post

Puzzles, tea towels, banners, sweatshirts, & so much more! This is definitely a fun shop to find all sorts of goodies for your bibliophile friends.

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Just a Few More Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Book Nook Kits - The bookworms can add a little whimsy to their bookshelves with these little miniatures!

Book Plates - A traditional but practical gift for the book lover. This website has some truly lovely designs.

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Find anything fun? Do you have any ideas that you'd like to pass along? Please share in the comments!

Cheering you on!


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