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A fondness for reading, properly directed, must be an education in itself.

Jane Austen

If you like to read, then you're in the right place! I've loved to read since I can remember.

My sister is the one who taught me. She would bring her little reading primers back from Kindergarten & sit down with me to teach me what she'd been learning. By the age of 4, she had me reading pretty well. By the time I started Kindergarten, I was reading so well, my teacher had me read the narrator part in our class Christmas play. (I was disappointed because I wanted to be an angel. But then my Mom showed me the pretty dress I'd get to wear & it made things a little better.)

Eventually, I was devouring American Girl books & Mandie books. My mom would read a novel to my sister & I sometimes before bed. The one that sticks out to me was Treasures in the Snow by Patricia St. John. We had a book shelf in our room that had plenty of classics like the Emily books by L.M. Montgomery. These are the books that filled my childhood.

Now, I'm still reading away - on my own & with my kids. We've enjoyed so many good ones together. And I try to fill our house with good books to keep them engaged & curious.

Well, in all my reading, I began to be forgetful. (Mom brain? Closer to 40 than 30?) So, I'm writing these book review posts every month to help me slow down & think over what I've been reading. I'm calling them "Sunshine Reads." Hopefully, they'll also be helpful for others to find some books that sound interesting to them!

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As you can see, I like to read lots of different stuff, but right now my interests are mostly in the parenting/homeschooling, Christian growth, & a little historical fiction tossed in for fun. Oh & I enjoy a good memoir every once in a while, too.

Cheering you on!


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