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I'm trying to be more thoughtful with how I spend my money these days. Sure, my kids spend hours circling their favorite toys in the Target holiday catalog. Sure, I love getting them the items on their wish lists. But I also want to do better!

This year, I want to highlight a few places where you can shop AND help support some really great causes, particularly non-profits who are empowering women to support themselves & their families. Feel free to browse the about pages of these different organizations - the stories are amazing!

OK - ready to shop? Let's go!

Prodigal Pottery

Based outside of Birmingham, Alabama, Prodigal Pottery employs women who have been in some of the most difficult situations. They receive training & a way to earn an income while they try to get back on their feet. Domestic violence, sex trafficking, homelessness - these women have faced so much & the creativity of ceramics helps them process their circumstances & gives them hope that they will overcome those hard things.

In case the story behind this wonderful organization didn't convince you, here are some of the BEAUTIFUL, handmade items that are currently in their shop:

That nativity set is definitely on my wish list! I already love pottery & these have such a great story behind them. They also have some really cute ornaments, too!

Mercy House Global

According to their website, Mercy House rescues girls & empowers families. They work to provide dignified employment to women around the world & also maintain 2 maternity homes in Kenya. Lots of really great things happening!

Their shop is full of variety - jewelry, home goods, stationery, and more. Here's a little peek -

I think the cards with the sunshine on them might possibly be my favorite. Not sure why...

Papillon Marketplace

Started as a way to provide employment for women in Haiti, this organization is working to provide fair wages in order to allow these women to provide for their families. If you've been following the news lately, you probably have seen the difficult situations that the Haitian people are dealing with. What a great way to show love to them while also doing some Christmas shopping!

P.S. - Those are mini mugs that are a set of 6 for little girls to have tea parties. How cute!!

Sanctuary Project

Working to empower women who are escaping addiction, homelessness, violence, trafficking, Sanctuary Project is a survivor-led organization based in the US. They train & employ these ladies as they transition back to independence. And just look at the beautifully creative pieces they design!

Did you read what inspired the designs of some of these pieces? Incredible, right?


Last one for today - ABLE is based in Nashville but works with women in communities around the globe. They offer high-quality, fashionable apparel, totes, & jewelry, but they do it differently from most of the fashion industry. Their employees are well-trained & earn a living wage. Instead of feeding the poverty cycle like some brands, they are trying to break it. That's definitely a cause I want to help!

Let's peek at some of the AMAZING products they have (& there are SO many more) -

I'm bookmarking this shop for when I shop for myself later...

Goods and Better

If foster care is close to your heart, but you aren't sure how to get involved, here is a great place to use your dollars to help others. The designs are meaningful & could be the start of some great conversations! And if you happen to know someone who has opened their home to foster these young ones, you might just find the perfect gift to show you're there for them.

Did you know that you don't have to open your home to fostering in order to serve these kids & the families that are caring for them? Check with the local DSS or find a local non-profit that supports the families involved in foster care. A family at our church has helped organize a support group that offers babysitting, outings, & more. I'm sure you can meet needs where you live, too!

Something I especially love about these shops is that, instead of sending an impersonal, monetary donation, I'm buying an actual product. That adds such a personal, dignified element. I also appreciate that so many of these items are made by hand. And that they are made by people who are given a fair, living wage for their work.

So, will you help me cheer these women on who are working to support their families in underserved countries & communities?

Leave a comment if you make a purchase or if you have any other shops you love that also support great causes!

Cheering you on today!

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